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Stephen Briody » 1:04pm 07-15-2016
good day where can i find old news. i used to play for sAltrincham Ace s early seventie s thank s
Matin C. Harris » 3:19pm 04-07-2016

Ron Bigger played 24 games in Scottish National League competitions for Dunfermline Vikings during 1948/49 scoring two goals and one assist with 71 minutes in penalties.
gary biggar » 7:12pm 03-27-2016
Looking for info about Ronald Biggar, a Canadian hockey player having played for Dunfermline in the later 1940's Please help? thanks
IHPBF » 3:26pm 08-02-2015
IHPBF » 3:25pm 08-02-2015

We hope everyone likes our new look site and we can grow into our sports official charity.
Stewart Roberts » 9:22pm 06-19-2015
Malcolm Giles,
Very sorry to hear about Allan. A good man. Would you be able to help me with an obit of Allan for the new Ice Hockey Annual? If so, please drop me a line at stewice@aol.com.
Thanks, Stewart
Martin C. Harris » 9:08pm 06-19-2015
Malcolm Giles

Thanks for the message on the passing of Alan Woodhead. I did have the privilege of speaking to him on the phone about a year ago, and very glad that I was able to. I will pass on the sad news to the editor and compiler of ,'T he Ice Hockey Annual', who I am sure will publish a short obituary in the next edition.
Ray Stern » 1:42pm 06-13-2015
I have just spent half an hour talking with Marsh Key on the phone.It was both exciting and nostalgic reminiscing about days gone by in British Ice Hockey. In my and many others opinion Marshall was the finest ever British Ice Hockey player. He told me about this IHJUK site and I am most grateful. Scanning the Hall of Fame brings up names that I had long forgotten and I would like to thank all of the contributors for their hard work.
Malcolm Giles » 7:55pm 06-09-2015
Good Evening Mr Harris. possibly you will not have heard, unfortunately Allan Woodhead passed away on Sunday the 31st of May. He was 86 years old. He had been quite poorly for some months as you may have been aware.
He did let me know that you had been in touch.
Very sad indeed, he was a very nice man and will be fondly remembered by all. His contribution to GIHC over many decades was exceptional.
Malcolm Giles - GIHC
Adrian allsopp » 7:07pm 03-15-2015
Hi there , I was wondering if anybody remembers my father in law Laurence wright (Scotty) he played for the Durham wasps from 1957 - 1962. He played in defence no. 5. We took him to the legends match in 2012 and we had a great day out. If anybody has info please contact me. Thanks Adrian
Ken Abbott » 3:42pm 01-29-2015
Hi Guys
Just wanted to say a big thank you for such a great resource.

I launched my Old Time hockey UK Audio Podcast back in November 2014, I interview players, usually from the Heineken era and publish the content that can then be listened to on a computer or smartphone.

I often visit here to source information when researching Hall of Fame-rs.

Not sure if it's appropriate but below is a link to the Old Time Hockey UK website, please feel free to remove it if necessary.

Old Time Hockey UK
Martin C. Harris » 9:34pm 08-01-2014

Re Alan Woodhead - Thanks for your message. I spoke to him by phone recently and then emailed the Whelsby Ridding Stables leaving my land line phone number.
Malcolm Giles » 6:19pm 07-29-2014
To Mr Martin C Harris, I understand you have been attempting to contact Alan Woodhead of Grimsby Ice Hockey Club. He has asked me if I am able, to contact you and ask if you would pass your details to him again, he would like re establish contact. Many Thanks Malcolm Giles - GIHC
Martin C. Harris » 12:24pm 07-18-2014
In the process of slowly (very slowly) compiling with two co-authors a book on the exploits of the Great Britain team at the Olympics, World ad European championships since 1910 I have reached 1953 and am requesting assistance re three players from that team where there is a shortage of biographical non hockey details. These are Grimsby's Pat Mudd and Joe Bell and Bobby 'Butch 'Cartwright both of Durham Wasps.

I am looking for exact dates of birth for the two Durham players and place of birth for Bell, plus what did they do for a living and if they are still with us where did they live and where are they living now and any other salient facts that would be of interest to potential readers in about three years or so time!

Any and all assistance will be credited.
Jim Graves » 9:38pm 07-09-2014
To celebrate 75 years of ice hockey at Ayr I am organising an ice hockey exhibition at the Carnegie Library in the town for the month of October. Hockey journalist and historian David Gordon has very kindly offered his valued support. Just taking this time to ask anyone out there if they would like to loan an item or two relating to Ayr Ice hockey right from the 1939 Ayr Raiders right thru to the 1970's Ayr Bruins and on to the 1990's/2000's Ayr Eagles. The size of the exhibit will rest entirely on what items the hockey public can come up with. For further information please contact Jim Graves on 0771 7774678 or send an email to jim@rockiessportsbar.com
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