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Michael A Chambers » 2:05pm 10-24-2017
For the book readers, my latest...ICE COLD MURDER

Part of my Forword...
This story is centred around a local Ice Hockey team. It sort of reminded me of Melchester Rovers, this was the fictional football team portrayed in a comic strip; Roy Race (Roy of the Rovers) was the main character. This book though is obviously light hearted; it carries a real sense of humour, I am still having this vision of Ice Hockey night featuring Aspley and Clifton?

Despite all the funny moments that Mick creates in the book, there is a story line that leads to a darker tale of murder, a kind of mystery that plays out amongst the hockey players and arena staff.

To conclude, the book is most enjoyable, it is ‘tongue-in-cheek’ of course and you will soon pick up on that. This is something away from statistics, although Mick still finds a moment to include some information on his new team with the league tables.

132 pages with pictures and maps
At £6
Email any interest please
Thank You
Tracy (Kurz) Green » 7:07pm 10-23-2017
Wonderful list of players that my Dad (Red Kurz) spoke of fondly. This site has helped me track my Dad's career with the Wembley Monarchs, Dundee Tigers and Brighton Tigers. Thank you.
Stevency Grace » 8:28am 07-13-2017
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Dean Fresher » 1:47pm 06-01-2017

Any consideration to inducting Rupe Fresher into Hall of fame. He is currently living in Toronto and looking through the old names I feel this would be well merited
Rgds Dean
Martin C. Harris » 11:19am 05-21-2017

Streatham Royals competed in the English League Div 1 1933/34; English League 1935-36; London Provincial League 1937-39;Southern Intermediate League 1949-55; London Intermediate League 1955-58;; English u19 League 1996-98 and 2000 on.
See page 148 of my book ' Homes of British Ice Hockey',
Paul Sharrad » 10:36am 05-16-2017
I have met a lovely man called Gordon George Darroch. He used to play for the Streatham Royals Ice Hockey team from 1955 to 1971 when he had a bad car accident. Does anyone have any historical information about the team or any other team mates that they are in contact with. Any information would be appreciated.
Ray Stern » 5:40pm 01-23-2017
Sad news. Malcolm Reid (A founder member of Dundee Rockets) passed away on January 6th. He was 78. Malcolm (Molly) was well respected in Scottish Hockey circles and will be sadly missed.
Bob Murray » 6:24am 01-07-2017
Thanks Martin.

Martin C. Harris » 4:50pm 12-15-2016

The player data-base on the website of the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) contains the complete rosters 1934-60 and much more besides. It is accessible to current members and the site has instructions as to how to join and the annual membership fee.
Bob Murray » 5:44am 12-06-2016

I was wondering if anyone could help with regard to finding roster information for all teams that competed in the English and Scottish Ice Hockey Leagues from 1934-35 to 1938-39. Of particular interest are the Queens Bayswater and Richmond Hawks teams.

The Internet Hockey Database is good, but there are gaps or no information for some teams and some years.

Also, did a Canadian player named Ernie Anderson ever play in England or Scotland circa mid-30s?

Thank you,
Lesley Fell » 5:36am 11-27-2016
My sister just alerted me to this site which has a short biography of our great uncle Percy Nicklin - nice to know that he is remembered here.
Stephen Briody » 1:04pm 07-15-2016
good day where can i find old news. i used to play for sAltrincham Ace s early seventie s thank s
Matin C. Harris » 3:19pm 04-07-2016

Ron Bigger played 24 games in Scottish National League competitions for Dunfermline Vikings during 1948/49 scoring two goals and one assist with 71 minutes in penalties.
gary biggar » 7:12pm 03-27-2016
Looking for info about Ronald Biggar, a Canadian hockey player having played for Dunfermline in the later 1940's Please help? thanks
IHPBF » 3:26pm 08-02-2015
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